When I walked through….(Chapter-1)

31 thoughts on “When I walked through….(Chapter-1)”

      1. Life is full of ambitions , that can change at moments notice well one door will close another awaits your driven compassion . Never be afraid to risk failing , and being defeated life is about how you respond to adversity rise up or lay smouldering in the ashes of ruin .

        The only way to embrace the storm is endure and wage through its tormenting terror.

        A P E X

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      2. Very well said! The journey of life is extremely dynamic. When life throws us a curve ball, everything reduces to the way we deal with it. Either you fight back and win or you seize your endeavors and let life knock you down. The way forward is paved by our calling in that moment.
        Thanks for sharing this here. I really appreciate it!


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