When I walked through….(Chapter-6)

14 thoughts on “When I walked through….(Chapter-6)”

  1. Oh you can’t do that! Bring that torn paper now 🙂
    It’s good to see the another chapter and it’s well written! I liked the Vial metaphor and the precise description for remorse and fear. Well done!

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  2. This is awesome. Truly, i read all the chapters and I have no words to cast my emotions. The suspense you built at the end is commendable. And the way the story is unfolding is too good to be true. I cannot hold my curiosity any more. Bring it on fast!!😂

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  3. It’s amazing. I read all the chapter at a stretch and i am truly spellbound. The way the story unfolds is great and the suspense u build up is equally commendable. I am just too curious now!! Bring it fast!😂

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    1. Thank you so much Ramyani! That is such a great compliment for me as a writer! I am glad that the story is coming across as intended! New chapters coming soon!
      Even I am excited to share more chapters!


  4. Beautifully written Story, so intense, I definitely can’t just come in at chapter 6.
    I need to follow along and start at the Chapter I. Thanks for stopping by and reading Dream. Greatly appreciate it.
    InHisCare 🤗🙏💜

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