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Across the Fire….

When I walked through….

I stood there…in the middle of a ring…the ring of fire! Which fire? The fire of my Ego!

It was encircling me, dancing with utmost elegance, celebrating my loneliness. Its flames were the bars of this prison, blinding me to the beauty of the world around, but ….teasing me with a glimpse every now and then.

In this cage, I was not alone…with me, was the beast….the huntress, the royal predator, the most skillful of its kind. Its moves were brisk yet silent, its stature was of the  undefeatable mountain and its eyes…..its eyes were cold, a door which opened into a freezing and cruel realm, just a look sent jitters down my spine. I was there with the despised beast, the beast of my pride!

I lived there for ages, but that day was different. That day, I saw the beast moving, walking towards me with an ambition to hunt me down, to kill me!

I was terrified, it was suffocating…I….I wanted to run away…I screamed for help.

And then…Someone called out my name…I looked around…It was a friend from the world outside. She was asking me to join her there, experience the bliss of freedom.

I stepped out…Yes… I did….only to find out that…  The world in the eyes of the beast was just a reflection of the world across the wall of fire.

I still wonder…what is more frightening; the beast within, or the cold and cruel world around?


39 Replies to “Across the Fire….”

    1. Absolutely! So true! But unfortunately, rather than trying to take control, we often fall prey to the tricks that it plays on us!
      Thanks for sharing this here and taking the time to read the blog! Means a lot!

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  1. We never realise that the beast within is a product of the vileness surrounding us. Just like how the air never lets the nose know when it enters, the society never lets the mind know how surreptitiously it is altering it. There is only one beast, and that is the world behind you!

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    1. Absolutely true! The society is often called the product of the people who constitute it, but it is unfortunate that we disregard the paramount role that the society plays in sculpturing our personalities. It is an intriguing example of a cause and effect relationship! Thank you so much for sharing this here and taking the time to read the article! Really means a lot!

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  2. Thanks for the follow and taking the time to look at my blog and liking my posts. Your encouragement is a big boost for amateurs like me. Hope to create better posts and receive more feedback in the future.

    Great post. I gravitated towards it because I’ve written a poem along similar lines. Coincidentally, the title of the poem is “The Beast”. Our inner demons are, without a doubt, the most difficult to conquer.

    Best wishes.

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    1. Hi Norah! I absolutely loved your blog! I think you’ve a great site with some great content. Keep going!
      I am so glad that you like my post! It is such a sweet coincidence that we both chose similar subjects for our posts.
      Our inner demons are definitely the biggest obstacle in the way of our endeavors in life. I believe if we just learn to tame them, our lives will become a lot more peaceful! Thank you so much for sharing this here!
      Best wishes.

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  3. I love your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you create this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz answer back as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to find out where u got this from. many thanks


  4. Beautiful..I send you my ❤️, wisdom., knowledge, knowing & love, knowing you will send the world your ♥️, wisdom, knowledge ,knowing & love..
    God bless GG

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