Hearts to console…


When I walked through….

I pushed the door aside and rested my foot on the ground, in hopes of finding fresh and young grass, waiting for me, excited to tingle the sole of my feet!

I pushed the door aside and took a deep breath, in hopes of finding a sweet and flowery scent, waiting for me, excited to warm my heart!

I pushed the door aside and slowly opened my eyes, in hopes of adoring the beauty of nature, waiting for me, excited to calm my senses!

But…I found myself standing in the middle of spiny scrubs, thorns piercing through the sole of my feet; the rotten smell filled my heart with agony; the carcass that made me feel eerie!

They said… this was, once, a paradise!
They said… they are sorry for not showering it with love!

My heart cried for the forgotten paradise!
My soul wailed for the bereaved hearts!

– Gauri Walecha

62 Replies to “Hearts to console…”

    1. I agree! We often neglect the people around us, deprive them of our love and end up losing our paradise! We all need to value the hearts around!
      Thank you so much for sharing this here! 😊 I am so glad that I could connect with you through my words! 😊❤

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    1. Yeah! It is indeed quite frightening!🙂
      Actually, I wrote this piece when someone very close to me passed away.
      So, metaphorically, this is from my experience!🙂
      I am so sorry for such a terribly late response Michael!😅😅 You’re comment got spammed and I was away from blogging all these days as some project occupied me!

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  1. Beautifully written as usually 😊 deep and meaningful with great use of metaphors! We are so blind sometimes looking at the horizon to the point of missing what is if front of our nose! We should practice the mindfulness and appreciate each moment we’re in!
    Keep the great work 👍😊

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    1. Thank you so much Huguetta! I am so glad that you like the post! Your comments always encourage me to keep on writing! Thank you for the amazing support! Really means a lot! 😊❤
      I agree! In the modern world, our lives have condensed to a never-ending and unfulfilling race to reach the goals! We are all so blinded by its lusture that we often miss to appreciate the array of emotions that life gifts us along the way! Mindfulness, is now a long lost art but definitely worth re-exploring!😊
      And also, sorry for the late response! 😅

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      1. Well I thought you closed this blog for good to be honest!
        Don’t worry I understand life can get so busy but hopefully you will always find time to keep this blog alive 😊
        Always a pleasure reading and interacting on your posts, glad my words are motivating it’s the purpose of writing them 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh God! I would be petrified if I ever had to close the blog! 😱 Honestly, I literally love this process of expressing my emotions and then getting to interact with such amazing people! 😊I will always try my level best to continue this journey! 😊
        Your comments, indeed, are very motivating! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and interact! Really means a lot! 😊❤

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