my childhood speaks in these scars.

Trigger Warning: Child Abuse

A few days ago,
My lover had my hands in his;
I loved the way his eyes sparkled
And his lips curved into a stunning smile,
As he brushed his fingers
At the back of my palm

There we were,
Living the blissful moments of
Our once-in-a-lifetime romance;
But then,
All my metaphors came down crashing
Falling into a white scar,
Leaving my poetry naked

He dug deep into my eyes,
With an unsaid question
And all my charm
Went splurging into tears

I was seven
When one of my uncles
Burnt my hand
With a scorching hot iron

I still remember how it felt
Having my skin stuck to that piece of metal,
And then,
How it broke my heart
Into a thousand tiny pieces,
Looking at those tiny boils

I froze;
Didn’t scream at all;
Not even a cry for help

It felt like all my sentences
Had strangled my tongue
Into a paralyzed piece of flesh;
And too coward
To move

I looked at my hand,
And then I looked back at him;
With eyes as empty as a black hole

He was smiling;
A very crooked smile;
One that sent chills down my spine

I took a few steps back
And ran out of the room
Only to be followed by a mocking smirk

I have it all
Still alive
Still breathing in my head

Just as vivid
As a thing of yesterday;
Just as stale
As rotten bread

I whimpered as I cried
Coiled up in my lover’s arms;
All I wanted
Was for him to hear
My childhood speaking in those scars //

– Gauri Walecha

25 Replies to “my childhood speaks in these scars.”

  1. I do not know if this event is a beautiful work of fiction or an event that is put in words.

    But over the years one thing I have realized is that our monsters are the ones that we know and lurk in our vicinity.

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    1. This is a sad incidence of my life, which was eating me up. I had to express it here. It is always a pleasure sharing my write-ups with all the lovely people here.
      I am so glad you could connect with my emotions here. Sending all the love and light your way. Thank you so much for reading. ❤❤


  2. Bonjour Gauri,
    Oui, il y a des hommes durs, méchants et c’est vraiment affligeant ! Fort heureusement, il y en a aussi qui sont de véritables anges !
    En ces temps difficiles et inédits de pandémie, sois forte, sois prudente et prends bien soin de toi.
    Bisous confinés d’Auvergne (France). ❤

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    1. Hey Louis,
      I agree, our world is full of all kinds of people. Some are real angels and others can be really evil too. We have to be really cautious in choosing the people that we allow into our world.
      Thank you so much for reading and appreciating my work. ❤

      These are really tough times. I hope you are safe at home. Wishing you all the health and love. ❤❤

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to connect with the wounded child in me.❤
      I agree. It is always a relief to come out with trauma and let it go. I hope to heal soon.
      I am so glad you like my work.
      Sending all the love and light your way. ❤❤

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  3. Potent and lurking are those memories we try to keep at bay; almost like a lion and its trainer. Pretty soon that whip won’t be enough, and we feel the inescapable sinking of teeth. I’m glad you have someone to hold you.

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    1. I agree. No matter how we far we travel in time, these memories never seize to haunt our spirits. Regardless, that is how life is and we need to learn how to live with it.
      I am so happy I have my loved ones to hold me through this. ❤❤

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