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You will heal…

Glass boxes don’t sing lore to the warriors of freedom when the skies fall and the watersPSX_20200424_213616 rise. But, skies don’t fall and waters don’t rise in vain; they sob in vile.

There are a number of things that may conjure disdain into this world, but no other blade yearns to be struck with thunder as much as the one sitting on the hilt of heartbreaks.

Sword hilts, I believe, are haunted; rather cursed.

They hold power, enough to crown a head; they hold sin, enough to behead a crown. The hands which happen to hold these swords may either bring freedom or threaten it; regardless, blood is shed and scars are left to taint hearts for ages to come.

Ages; since ages, men have been driven to worship their own strength in the name of blind pride;
and pride, though may seem like a forbidden ally to the sung masters, is nothing but a thirst;

A deep unquenchable thirst sitting at the edge of our tongues, making us blurt rage and breathe revenge.
Pride is nothing but a cry for help; a veil hiding our scars ever so elegantly.

But veils fall and masks rot in due time; what is hidden can’t be hidden forever.

One day, you will see, you will see for yourself.
When the skin on your bones will feel too plastic to be alive and the heart in your chest will feel too alive to have gone dead.
When what’s whole will seem broken and what’s broken will feel safe.

Then.. you will hear, you will hear for yourself.

You will hear how beautifully you may have chanted the prayers of freedom if you wouldn’t have dug graves for your own tongue.
You will smile at your flaws and you will kiss your own scars.
You will sing in the chorus of joy and pray for peace in the choir of blatant hatred.

And when that day arrives… You will heal!

– Gauri Walecha


45 Replies to “You will heal…”

      1. I probably read this when I was tired. I have been dealing with a personal crisis of ideas, challenged by one who is smart and clever. Smart and clever is not guaranteed wisdom. I was taken aback for a while.

        I received your response and had to come back to remember what I said, and what you said.

        .I have just woken up and … this is probably the best case for unconditional love that I have ever read., I shall come back to it often. Thank you. It is way more than pretty. Forgive me. I was probably tired.

        “You will hear how beautifully you may have chanted the prayers of freedom if you wouldn’t have dug graves for your own tongue”

        Thank you. Best blessings.

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      2. C’mon! There is no need to ask for any forgiveness. What melts my heart as a writer is the fact that something I wrote could reach your heart and soothe your pain out. Unconditional love is something that this world strongly lacks, and it is a privilege if I can contribute to our feat against this lack in any way. ❤❤

        On another note, I can’t appreciate it enough how you took the time to read my work twice and wrote a genuine opinion about it. In my two years of blogging, I have seen so many readers who would comment out of context things under my post and won’t even bother to read once. In such a scenario, I am grateful for lovely readers like you. ❤❤

        Wishing you all the love and healing. ❤❤


      3. I think at every “time of life” a writer pitches up to carry us across wild waters. You are this writer for my wild river now. The last time this happened I was 20 something and I fell for Oscar Wilde’s words. I out grew them. They may be meant only for 20-somethings. Have a wonderful week.


  1. With time we do learn to appreciate even the little bit of joy and in the process accept even major flaws. We need to forgive ourselves coz afterall we are just human. Loved this.

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    1. I agree. Real healing begins when we forgive ourselves for the times when we took the damage instead of pulling ourselves out of the toxic situations. ❤
      I am so glad you like my work. ❤


      1. Oh my pleasure. And it’s a poet’s prerogative to write any way that like, so please keep doing what you are doing. Your poetry is beautiful. Layers just mean more reads through, lots more thought. Some of my very favorites are the ones which, like yours, leave me with a lot more questions than answers! ♥.

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    1. Oh goodness! Your comment made my day❤
      I am so sorry for the terribly late reply. I was going through a rough phase in my life.
      I am so glad to have you here and absolutely elated to know that you like my work. ❤
      Yes, I sketched that myself. So glad you like it.
      Thank you so much for following. I hope I keep meeting your expectations with the content that follows. ❤


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