Happy Second Anniversary… and a special announcement!!

I am spellbound. I have been writing and posting for the loveliest bunch of readers for two years now… it has been such a magical journey.

Thank you so much for being here and sticking around to support my work. All of you don’t even know how much that means to me. I feel so blessed.

On this special occasion, I did something I had been planning to do for the longest time. I started my YouTube channel today, and it will honestly be a pleasure and honor for me to be able to bring my art to you in more and more ways. I hope you like my work there too! Do stop by! Much Love!

Glad to share my YouTube Channel with all of you… Much Love!

22 Replies to “Happy Second Anniversary… and a special announcement!!”

  1. Hey Gauri, First of all many many Congratulation, been a reader of your content from past 7 or 8 months. I remembered sometime ago you stared podcast as well, so yeah you are doing really good I must say.
    The best way to utilize time in most optimistic way!!😊😊
    All the best,
    and u truly said,
    “Our heart is like deep well, where we throw stone each day just to check if it has ran out of water yet”😁😁
    All the very best, Subscribed!!

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    1. Thank you so much for subscribing to the channel and the constant support on the blog. You have no idea how much your kind support means to me. ❤
      I hope to keep creating good work for all my lovely readers here. All of you literally changed my life. Thank you so much, once again. Forever grateful. ❤


    1. So glad to have found your blog Aarushi. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog. ❤
      … Thank you so much for the kind wishes <3…It's great to be excited, isn't it? I hope you keep achieving milestones and keep celebrating them. ❤

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