I see faces…

People leave homes behind. They move away. I wonder if their stories ever do.

I wonder if, as much as we believe, have we ever been powerful enough to rip memories off the walls that boast them.

Or, is it just an illusion, yet another desperate attempt at gaining power over time?

Will we ever know? Do we even care?

I believe when homes are abandoned, they aren’t really left alone. They are left behind with tales, hiding underneath the faces that dwell in the random patterns of their marble floors.

They are left behind with faces, with eyes full of questions, and mouths too numb to answer.

And, each time you feel like someone’s following you, it’s often just an old memory, trapped in a plain white wall somewhere, waiting to be lived again.

8 Replies to “I see faces…”

  1. I am so with you. I have bought and rented houses. Some have screams left behind and some are full of hospitality. And I always feel I have left pieces of my life behind. I hate hanging the pictures because my life is dotted with homes I have left shortly after hanging the pictures. I prefer to stack them on sideboards now. And I also see faces in the stone floors. In kabbalah I learned that even stones are soul and we must elevate stones because a stone soul can’t elevate itself. Needless to say I have stones from everywhere that I past by and heard it say, “Pick me!”
    Lovely post.

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    1. This is such a beautiful comment, Sonya! This has to be a post in itself. Do write something about this whenever you find the time.
      You are right. Stones have souls. They feel so alive. As if they had eyes that followed us around the house. What if the fate of each house was already set in its stones? What if these houses already knew who was going to call them ‘home’?
      Regardless, I pray that each one of us finds a home, whether emotional or tangible. Everyone needs a home to head back to! ❤
      Thank you so much for reading the post, and taking the time to write such a beautiful comment. I am so grateful. ❤
      (PS: I am writing this comment again because the first one I replied with isn't showing up on my profile)


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