Just around the corner!

“How do you know love is right around the corner?”

“I keep catching myself smiling at nothing.”

Seasons arrive, and then they wither away- all in the blink of an eye. You find yourself chasing butterflies, bread, and blizzards, all in the same day, trying to put a meaning to something that gives meaning to your world- your existence!

Have you ever thought of stopping, turning around, and giving a long enchanted look to yourself in the mirror? Have you ever thought about how lonely you get, each time you rush past it, nonchalantly?

You need love. Yes… more than anything else in this world, you need love!

You need a love that holds you in the nights that chase your smiles away. A love that doesn’t shy away from sitting silently by your side even though you have tried to push it away a thousand times. 

A love that doesn’t make you wonder if you are enough, instead it tells you that you are more. 

You need empathy, compassion, kindness; you need all that and more, and you need it all from yourself. 

Your fairy-tale romance is just around the corner. You just have to wait- wait for the lover inside you to wake up!

-Gauri Walecha

4 Replies to “Just around the corner!”

  1. I think the universe is trying to tell me something this morning. Yours is the fourth blog I have read in the last half hour that mentions self love and care in some form. All of which I agree are important.


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