How long have you been lying for? Hiding? Does this mask feel like your own skin now? 

Can’t rip it off? Or, not just yet?

Oh, they are beautiful! These castles you built on the top of those hills… Such beauty!

I wonder how long they will keep standing for… I wonder if you care about that, do you?

Oh, they are beautiful! These paper roses you left in my room last night… So endearing!

You know they will eventually give your secret away, right? 

It is hard to look past roses that never wilt!

You wear charms, and oftentimes, smile like one. I wonder if that’s your way of concealing the rot in you or just a trick you use to lure the rotten in your victims.

Oh, look how perfect you are! Must have taken you ages to erect this flawless facade.

Though, does it hurt? Keeping this weight hooked against your skin must hurt.

Call me a suitor of that resilience of yours; not so much of the sport, though… I don’t buy into illusions that often!

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