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Evenings have always been my favorite time of the day. When I tell this to people, they are quick to conclude that I am yet another hopeless romantic, helplessly in love with the Sunsets. Well, not too proud, but I think my love for the evenings runs deeper than just the muted ambers painting a rather clean sky- 

Lately, our world has made it harder for us to truly fall in love with something. In fact, interests have grown in their capacity. They are no longer seen as just the tiny elements that make us feel alive- they are more; they have married pride. We have cleaved into poles; each side debating upon the supremacy of their own beliefs and perspectives. In this case, the no man’s land is rather crowded- full of people who are waiting for someone to win so that they can finally begin with their attempt at trying to fit in with the ‘cooler’ side. Regardless, people think it is brave to dwell in this grey area. As if it was too much of a feat to be able to say- “My mind is nothing but a gullible and impressionable piece of soft clay that I let the society play with.”

From where I see, this scenario has a whole another league of bravery that we fail to recognize- The outcasts! The people who don’t care about the stupid debate altogether. All they care about is the love that they have for their favorite things about the day. This brings me back to where I started- The evenings!

I love the evenings because they feel like home. They are quiet, yet chirpy. They announce homecoming, yet they remind you of a whole part of the day that you haven’t experienced yet. They bring you close to yourself, yet keep you far enough so that you stay excited about the next steps on this journey. 

I love evenings because they don’t hold you back, and yet, they give you enough to hold on to- much like how life is!


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