When I walked through…

1. When I walked through….(Chapter-1)

Dreams and ambitions have a mystic power. They can turn things around , just in a moment.What made a girl sell her house? What broke a beautiful family? Click to find out.

2. When I walked through….(Chapter-2)

We all have a certain vision about how we want to live our life. We know what we want and we try to achieve it to the best of our capabilities. But sometimes, we forget where to stop! How can someone’s obsession for that vision break a family?Click to find out.

3.When I walked through….(Chapter-3)

Our friends carry the same value as our family in our lives. A good friend is the most cherishable thing one could experience in life. They guide us, they support us but sometimes we forget to be grateful for everything that they do for us. How a beautiful friendship got ruined in the fire of ambition?Click here to find out.

4.When I walked through….(Chapter-4)

Our lives are unpredictable. We don’t know what is going to happen with us in the very next moment. In spite of knowing this, we take things for granted. We take relations for granted. We let them go stale. And when we realize this, it’s too late. Will Stella be able to save her friend? Will Stella be able to save her friendship?Click here to find out.

5. When I walked through…..(Chapter-5)

There are some people who have the potential of being so important in our lives that they might even replace us! You do not have to necessarily name this relationship. Alex was that person in Stella’s life!Click here to read more.

6.When I walked through….(Chapter-6)

We usually try to run away from guilt of the past. The unhappy memories, those that eat you from within, no-one wants to dwell on them. But….What if your past comes back and forces you to revisit it? What will you do then? Where to run? Click here to read more.

7.When I walked through….(Chapter-7)

We take many decisions in our life. We commit many mistakes….but …what if life gives you a chance to go back and mend those mistakes!Click here to read more.

8.When I walked through….(Chapter-8)

Standing in front of the window, pressing her hands against it, she could not believe that she was about to meet her parents. She could not believe that after whatever she did, her parents would still want to meet her!Click here to read more.

9.When I walked through….(Chapter-9)

“A life drowned under debt is much more comfortable than a life spent yearning for the memories of our beloved daughter. We were in debt but selling this house would have rendered us poor.”Click here to read more.

10.When I walked through….(Chapter-10)

She knew that she had to heal herself first, fall in love with herself again…and then allow love to cover her scars!Click here to read more.