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Those who seek; The deep blue void

I find myself in the depths. I find myself in the bits and pieces of what illuminates the edges of water. I find myself in the magic. I find myself in the light.⁣

I forget fear as I go further. What felt like a burden, only seems to be pushing me in the right direction.⁣

They are thin- the chances. The chances of me making it back to the shore are thin- but maybe, I don’t want to; maybe, we aren’t supposed to.⁣

What if Atlantis was a story, not so much about a lost city, but a lot more about our lost hearts?⁣

What it the tale was brought together by a few sly poets, who still take pleasure and laugh at us- they laugh at how foolishly we gush over the thoughts of finding this lost treasure, being the mystic refuge ourselves?⁣

How long do we wish to play blind for? Shall it remain lost- is that a conscious choice? Is that why we run to banish those who seek?⁣

– By Gauri Walecha


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